Sweater Weather






Hey guys ! It’s been a while since the last time I blogged ,that’s true and I’m sorry but here I am now ! So I guess this is the first winter post I make ,hope you ‘ll enjoy 🙂

⚫ So in the first picture you can see this dark red sweater which is perfectly warm and comfy. I guess any type of knitted sweater are comfy and thick because they’re thick and huggy 🙂

Anyway as you can see I accompanied it with a similar red colored lipstick and those totally cute leopard brown chic glasses . Let me just tell you that I’m obsessed with those .

There is also this dark red nail polish and as you can assume this is kinda a Christmassy combination and also the picture has been taken in Christmas it’s just me that’s late to post …

⚫ Next as you can see there’s this ciel bleu color with brown and beige and this color combination is one of my favorites but more autumn as you can see .

Again a knitted ciel sweater ,less thick this time ,with a beige OPI nail polish and those perfect sunglasses.
I should also add that ciel is greatly suited with any shades  of red especially for the lips trust me it’ll look so sassy !

⚫In the third picture you can see this black knitted top which is actually also a crop top with this silver black statement necklace .

As always black could be missing from this season right ? This year I guess more than ever “black in black ” is the style that is been worn the most …

Again and as always is combined with a red lipstick but you can also wear it with a dark purple one (check out Cyber from MAC ,this lipstick is sick) since they are both perfect colors for the winter .

⚫ Well the next one is a more grunge style since black seems to appear a lot . The truth is that I’m into this style right now more than the previous ones . This top is from Brandy Melville and since we don’t have any store of it in my country I actually order it . It’s a crop top if you are not familiar with it and it looks totally perfs with a high wasted skinny black -kinda- ripped black jeans or any high wasted jeans …

Dark colors have the leading part in grunge style so for make up and nails it’s necessary. You can apply a dark purple one as in the picture (it looks like black I know ) and it’s the lipstick named Cyber or even a black one though it’s more risky but still works out. My advice when you go for the grunge style is to wear no eye shadow ’cause winged eye liner goes more with the style and it’s impressive enough on its own.

Finish the outfit with some rusty gold accessories like the ring in the picture and there you go grungy cat ✌

⚫ So the last picture doesn’t match so much with the subject of the post but I just wanted to mention that basic colors are crazily in fashion this season . Personally ,lately I have a crush on grey: grey nails , grey sweaters , grey crop tops etc. Totally winterish color !  Well about makeup also I prefer basic colors in shadows and stuff like brown or black .


That was is guys ! I hope that I’ll be able to post soon . LU Bye


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