Summer weekend 🌴




Hey! I’m so sorry that I’m not able to upload so often… But I’ll try to i promise!

So this is my -kinda- new swimwear which I’m entirely obssesed with. It’s actually from asos (one of my favourite stores) and as you can see it really looks like a Triangl one :). Some months ago that i first discovered the Triangl store in general i totally thought it would be the next big thing… And here it is! I think you must have one of those if you want that fancy and vogue style 🙂 and it’s not that expensive if you buy it from asos, but unfortunately it’s not available in other colors… If you have any idea with what kind of bikini bottom style it would suit best, let me know because I’m not really into the classic Triangl one.

I also bought this new nail polish by Chanel in this grey-beige color and i love it so far! It’s a minimal color with it’s own style which is both for summer and winter and literally so Vogue!
I actually went to the store for a color like a nude pink, mint green or even white and after got informed that none of them was available i ended up with this one, and i am so excited that i did 🙂 I’d totally recommended it but what’s holding me is the price… So instead yoy can try an OPI in the same color

Well the truth is i don’t know when I’ll be able to upload again but it definetely will be about the fault in our stars which im currently obssesed with and its soundtrack (favourite : Not about angels – Birdy) Go check it out all of it! And the movie as well! Like seriously it’s the best movie ever!!!

So stay tuned to find out my {obviously possitive} opinion for the movie :). Love ya.


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