June favourites #1






Hey! So, this post is about my beauty favourites of June 🙂

So, what comes first is a perfume that you may have seen in previous posts and of course it is the Paradise by ESCADA, which I am totally obsessed with. The truth is that the perfume is clearly a personal choice but if you love the sweet ones as much as I do, you should definetely try it out!

Next, I’d like to recommend THE chubby stick by L’Oreal, which I have bought some months ago. I just found it and I’ve been using it every single day since then! It’s the #915 and it has a sweet pink color, glossy but not sparkling!

Well, it is known, that there’s no summer without sunglasses! So, my pick for this summer is the black cat eye in the 3rd picture and also the round ones by prada! As you notice, I prefer the black ones because you can totally combine them with everything!

I’d like to add  the highlighter by Benefit: highbeam which is literally Awsome! It makes your chicks shiny without making them look oily. Isn’t that cool?

Well, next comes the makeup set by Benefit “how to look the best at everything”, which I haven’t really tried out yet… I honestly believe I ‘ll make it m favourite, though! I bought the medium flavor, because:

1. It fits better my skin

2. I liked better the color of the book. I hope it really feels good on me because I really like the benefit package.

My all season favourite product… is of course the “they’re real” mascara by -guess what- Benefit. I’ve been obsessed with it for like a year! I can’t wait to try out the new push up liner! Stay tuned to see how ill be using it :)!

The truth is that, during summer, lipstick is not really necessary because it’s easier to stay casual and in fashion. But if you cannot live without it, try to avoid red color because it ‘s hard to combine with summer colors, except if you wear it with white! I recommed pink lipstick in palm or nude shades so it won’t be really noticable. It gives you the natural look you need for summer :)!

My playlist for summer is:

Backpack – Petite Meller
Fancy – Iggy Azalea ft Charly XCX
Postcards – James Blunt
And all the remixes by TSYN

Stay tuned for my next post and find out my fashion favourites of june 🙂


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