Stay Glassy 👓




Hey! So this post is all about sunglasses. Which shape fits best to your face? Round, Clubmaster, Wayfarer…? Lets find out ⬇

So for round face:
▶Wayfarer or retro glasses, prefer the black colour because it forms the face in a better shape
▶Oversized round glasses, but not smaller than that since round sunglasses makes the round face look weird
▶Aviator, well this style of sunglasses actually fits perfect in every shape and its also an all-time-classic trend so i totally recomend it
▶Cat Eye, i love the way it looks in every shape

For squar-y face:
▶Oversized, mostly, so that all the square shape is being lost
▶Cat Eye, as i said it fits to every shape

For oval face:
▶ Cat Eye
▶ Round
▶ Oversized
▶ Aviator
▶ Wayfarer and retro
…and literaly every shape!Lucky you oval-shaped-faces 🙂

Stay tuned for more posts! Bye 🙂


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