Getting ready for the sun



Hey!  So FINALLY summer is here (yay)! Well I’d like to recommend some products to get you ready for meetings-with-the-sun :).
First of all, I’m happy to present you this suncream (the orange that tou can see in the pictures ). The best thing about it is that the cream is beige and not white so you dont get this snowman look. In fact, the color is kinda dark and you may think that it wont look nice if you start spreading it, you’ ll see that it also works as a bronze so that you get all the tropical look even if you havent sunbathed yet… It makes you look like you have.

Second thing is the glasses. The truth is that is hard to forget to wear them because its an “important” detail on your summertime outfits(on the contrary you may forget putting suncream on).

Finally, my advice is not to wear black so much because it attracts all the heat and will make you feel like you’re burnin’in flames!

Last thing, before I forget, it’s not really about sun-protection … I just want to suggest a song which i just found and pretty sure im gonna listen to it all summer long.It’s the Postcards – James Blunt and I just love it. Its really happy and totally summer-ish.
That’s all!!

Stay tuned for my next post about :the sunglasses that fit best each face shape .


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