Loving you was RED


Hey guys! So in this post I’m gonna talk to you about a little bit about red and easy ways to wear it!! well first of all the most common and usual way that you may see it is in lipstick. It’s the most chic but sometimes casual as well, color for lipstick. In my opinio in any other spot of the face (eyes, chicks) it doesn’t look really nice, I don’t really recommend it…
As a color for clothing I would suggest to play with navy or with white because in my opinion these are the best combinations you can do with it. Try not to by red in too vivid shades like in tomato red or in really bright coral because this might overexpose you… It looks perfect with polka dot as well try it out!
Prefer it in shorts or skater dresses… I would say you in shoes but the only design that red looks perfect in it, is Keds andi’m in love with it… The most of you may not prefer them but I inform you that is definetly the most cute shoes!
I hope I was useful see ya in
my next post 💙 bye ✌


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