cherry boom

cherry boom

Hey guys! So in this post I would like to give you some tips about the lips . Well the truth is that lipgloss is far from fashion right now and the most of you might thing that is such an old trend but here’s a fact : lip gloss makes the whole makeup look sexier without being overexposed. You don’t have to put to much eye liner or highlighters, blush or something just a red lipstick with a red lip gloss and your lips will look totally berry!
▶if your skin is kinds red I wouldn’t suggest red in lipstick in general except you wear a lighter makeup.
▶If your skin is dark i would suggest the original shade of red the RED-RED ! because any coral or tomato shade, will make the whole makeup too-much!
▶if your skin is white or caramel …Lucky you guys you can wear everything you want ! But i would take advantage of the fact that you can wear coral and pink colors


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