always cute and classy 👌

always cute and classy 👌

HI! So in this post I would like to give you some advices to achieve the perfect cute and classy style. First, and most important thing in my opinion, is the make up: well if you are still trying to fingure out how to wear your eyeliner, thats how i started ⬇, try it out with the constructions below :

1.Draw a thick line by the edge of the under line of the eye (be sure that it’ll be very short)

2.Now draw a thick line according to the above line of the eye and connect it with the short one you drew before

3.Color inside the outline

Here you go the perfect kitty cat eye look!

I suggest also palm pink color in lipstick or even better nude ones so it won’t be too-much make up…but if even if you do it will look nice, it would be just better if you empasized one characteristic of your face so if you have cute eyes prefer the eyeliner and if you have good lips then weqr an intense color like red, just not all together because it might be a little bit cheap…

Last but not least I suggest shades of pink for blush and especially my favourite product is coralista by benefit is in a sweet pink and i love it

In my opinion the Must for the whole cute look is polka dot stuff. It s just so girly and CUTE, I’ve been obsessed with polka dot for 2 years and I cant stop wearing’ it. The truth is I don’t like it in every type of clothing for example I hate it in skirts and also in trousers especially if the spots are very big, i hate that, but in blouses ,shirts ,tops , knitwear, cardigans ,jumpsuit and high wasted shorts it looks lovely I totally recommend it .

Moreover now that summer is coming a polka dot high wasted /longline is totally what you need to have besides all the high wasted swimwears are so back on trend so don’t hesitate to try them out!

In addition high wasted shorts are definitely another must have for you guys ,not only the denims but the woven as well in colors like nude pink, mint green,black,white,red…or whatever color you like :).

Last but not least the shirts are totally an all time classic trend …My favorites are the ones with the rounded collar but the truth is they are all perfect and give a classy and vogue air to your outfit .Prefer them in basic and palm colors such as white , mint green , black ,palm pink etc. so that the whole look won’t be too-much

Thats it 🙂 stay tuned for more posts!


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