We ❤ Vintage

We ❤ Vintage

So have you ever wondered where all these new ideas of fashion come from and where all these trends come derive ?

The correct answer is that fashion is being recycling ,at least the last decade …

So in fact high wasted skirts/shorts/trousers were all in fashion again .The truth is that the way that we wear them now is far different from the way they were been worn then…For example when it was first on the trend they prefer wear high wasted jeans with kinda long tops and so it wasn’t actually understandable that it was high wasted , on the contrary now when it became trend again the first thing that was combined with those was crop top .Well we ve named this recycling of fashion :”Vintage Fashion” and clothing like high wasted jeans/shorts/skirts, sunglasses like those in the picture, crop tops ,skater dresses and lots more… are included to this type of fashion.

The most “vintage” stores in my opinion are Brandy ❤ Melville and American Apparel which are also my favorite ones 😀

Hope you guys enjoyed:)


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