Summertime colors

Summertime colours

Well, hi first of all 🙂

So this post is about the colours/prints that in my opinion will be on the spotlight this summer…

First is the tropical print which literally i see it e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e and i am 100 % sure that it will be the next big thing of summer ! I would recommend it on a kimono or on a casual skater dress because this print is perfect in a more casual base because it looks so Vogue and classy.

Well next goes the polka dot which once more is on trend .It’s really chic and girly and I totally suggest you to try it on high wasted swimwear because they’re SO back in trend and I state that I’m obsessed ! I also love polka dot in see-through blouses and shirts and in skater dresses .In general polka dot print gives a more cute and girly air in your whole look 🙂 so if you want to achieve that, you should definitely try it out!

Well, about mint green and nude pink, I’m not really sure I gotta say much since they are two colors that speak for themselves. My suggestion is to combine them with white because you really want them to catch the eye when you wear them so any color more vivid than them will hide their beauty 🙂 Last but not least ,white , an “all time classic” ! In my opinion this year you should try to wear white on high wasted /demi wasted shorts or in skater dresses and in general try to avoid wearing it in tops/blouses/shirts etc.

I hope my tips were helpful 🙂


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