Summer is in the air

Summer is in the air 🍍

Hey guys !So in this article im gonna talk to you about summer Musts .Well let’s start with make up products, my first suggestion for you is the very famous collection ‘Baby Lips’ I know im kinda late in the whole trend but it gives you a totally refresh since each one has summer smells and especially pink punch flavor which smells like summer juices which you drink in the beaches you know…I don’t know why ..i just get that feeling when i put it on lol. Moreover the NARS larger than life eye liner in light colors like Rue Bonaparte or Santa Monica Blvd. but also the black one Via Veneto is perfect for a sunny summer morning. If you want your make up to be full even in the summer (because some people prefer to let their skin breathe in this time of the year) i would suggest more nude colors for dark skins and more light red colors for light skins like for example coral and pink…Well next ,the high wasted shorts for another one year are in fashion,in my opinion i prefer the demi wasted like the one in the picture which are perfect with loose tops and blouses. In addition pineapple will be in the spotlight and in general the whole tropical style outfit . For CHICers i would suggest collar tops and blazers in colors of mint green , grey, nude pink ,navy blue or white and polka dot high wasted and longline swimwear. For SPORTers from the other side I would suggest skater dresses in tropical or white with your AirMax ,it will look totally cool trustme.For sunglasses prefer the shape of the ones above in whatever color you like it looks cool Even in pink

So thats all hope you liked it 🙂 Keep visitin ✌


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