Forever Pink

Forever Pink ✌

A color that all the girls are in love with. Well girls you ‘ll be happy to hear that this year is one of the summer colors of 2014 .A light color that always boosts the whole style of the outfit while in the same time it makes it more chic and girly . The top in the picture is a peplum top from New Look which I’m totally obsessed with. The truth is you cant wear it easily ,not because its peplum but because its pink .Unfortunately it doesn’t look good in all the skins for example if your skin is kinda red then it looks like you’re a strawberry and trust me I know that since my skin is red :).You should wear it with black bottoms for a night out and with white ones for a more casual outfit which will also boost the color …i’m with the white team anyway 🙂
We all know the Victoria ‘s secret body care collection which I’m also obsessed with…Well the one in the picture smells like roses and its kind of more formal I’d say ..and its called Forever pink. My favorite one is the Love spell with a smell of peach and berry and next the Pure daydream which smells like pink orchid and its so sweet just how I like it. The lipstick below is from the MAC cosmetics and its the Myth its a nude pink lipstick and its kind of the color of a dead man lips as my sister says but I honestly love it .I d totally recommend it , its a must have product for the summer since its so light and casual.


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