Floral Spirit

Floral Spirit

Well in that post i m going to talk to you about floral outfits and how can you wear floral without making the look extravagant. So first of all if you are about to wear floral bottoms like those in the picture ,you should combine them with basic colors such as white and black because the look will be more casual and daily in that way, on the contrary vivid colors like red ,pink, blue etc. result in a colorful look which i would not recommend because its not sure if its going to make either good or bad impression.
Well if , on the other side , you want to wear a floral top ,blazer or jacket then your choices are much more limited since as a top ,floral is already catches the eye easier…so again my suggestion is basic colors maybe with black trousers or with jeans and golden accessories. If you want to be extra-stunning wear a perfume with a flower smell so you ‘ll get the whole floral air.Try to combine the whole look with a red lipstick or with a purple one but not a too intense one or if you prefer something more summertime and casual put on a palm pink or a light coral one.

Hope you guys enjoyed see ya on my next post ,have fun ! 🙂


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